Where to Get an Awesome iOS Icon Pack

Android has a great number of users in its platform. It is now used by about 1.4 billion people in the world. However, iOS has about 500 million users too and they are looking for a good place to spice up their phones with an awesome iOS icon pack.

iOS provides many small icons that represent common tasks and types of content. Their built-in icons are already familiar to people. But if you are looking for alternatives, you can visit IconTail and download the icons you want to redecorate your smartphone.

Basic Things about IconTail

  • 2050+ vector icons
  • Ready for iOS, Android, applications and websites
  • Designed by Pixel Perfect
  • Available line and filled-in icons
  • Standard and All File Types plan to suit your needs
  • Friendly license

IconTail’s more than 2050 vector icons are optimized for iOS. They have some of the biggest iOS icon pack. All icons are based on a grid view of 30 pixels 1x standard and 20 pixels 2x Retina. If you are using an iphone 6+, you can get an iOS icon pack of 90 pixels x3.

Purchase your iOS icon pack with a Standard or All File Types plan. Standard allows you to download 2050 line and filled-in icons at AI and EPS format. All File Types include SVG, PSD, CSH, PNG, SKETCH and FONTS along with AI and EPS. All icons come with a one simple license. The Friendly License allows you to use the icons for multiple creative projects – both commercial and personal. You can use them in multiple end-user products like App, Theme and UI Kit.

IconTail offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Buy the iOS pack and get your money back if you don’t love it.   What are you waiting for? Make navigation easier and more fun with an iOS icon pack.

How to Find Cheap Stock Photos

conference room interior 3d

Pictures make the world go around, making it essential that you find the perfect image to accompany your online content. Cheap stock photos are readily available, and a quick scan of a search engine results page can be overwhelming at first. Avoid the temptation to grab the first cheap photo stock image that you find. As readers scroll through social media news feeds, the cheap photo stock image will catch their eye more quickly than your title or the body of your content.

An ideal image will capture the attention of your readers, making them discontinue scrolling through their news feed pages so that they can read your content. As engagement with your content begins to take place, your readers will share your post with their social media circles. It increases the viewing audience that your post will receive. With so much riding on one picture, you need to take the few extra minutes during your research process to find cheap stock photos that match your content.

Finding the Right Image

You will know that you found the perfect cheap photo stock image when it complements your content. It will serve as an extension of the message you want readers to take away from your article. Picking an image that bears no relationship to your story will leave readers struggling to try and make a connection between that image and your content. They will re-read your content in an attempt to find the missing link that might resolve the particular image issue. It completely draws their attention away from your article, making your content become lost as well.

To determine whether or not an image will work for a particular post, you need to pick one or two keywords from your content. These will serve as the focal point for your cheap photo stock image decision. Try to find a picture that stands out from the crowd. It can feature an element of humor or stir up assumptions your audience may have about a particular topic of interest. It can be something that will have everyone talking about it and sharing it with their networking circles.

Upon finding the right image for your post, play around with its presentation element for a moment. Make adjustments to the background coloring, add text or change the overall coloring to black and white for a dramatic effect. Then post your content with the corresponding image and share your creation with the online world.